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My son hoping to do Sports Therapy and booked into Marsden. His course is split over both campuses and Marsden not near either. Just wondered what others are doing? Thanks
My son is doing sports journalism also in Marsden

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Mine is doing pe and outdoor Ed. Staying in Carnegie en-suite room thank goodness managed to book it early. He wants to go a week early in Sept 11th anyone else going then ?
Carnegie here too. Are they being given a move-in date by the uni or can they arrive anytime that week? I believe Freshers week starts 19 Sept. Son’s ID password not working yet so wonder if he’s missing important info!


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Our son is in a waiting list for Carnegie but has booked onto Mill Street for now. We are hoping he gets into Carnegie as it is the closest to the sports
Hi, my son is going in Sept 2022 to do Business Economics and is currently on a gap year. He's a keen cricketer and he is researching accomodation - are there any halls/residences known for sports - am I right in thinking Carnegie? Any info pls would be great! Thanks
My son is a keen cricketer too. Have you found out anything about facilities by any chance? Just trying to factor whether to fit cricket bag in to car with all the rest of the stuff he’ll need to take, or take it up a bit later on.