Clearing forum 2022 poll


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Last year Wiwikau ran really successful clearing forums staffed by members of the University who could directly assist those looking for courses in clearing.

This year we will be offering the same and would be interested to know what Universities you would like to see on the clearing forum, please comment below ⬇️

Nottingham Trent University are already confirmed 😊
Sussex and Norwich please


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I’m interested in how this works as I don’t really understand cleaning (I didn’t go to uni and my older son got his first choice, second son is more likely to miss by a grade) He’s got cond.offer from Aberdeen but would be interested in most Scottish unis.


Thank you so much everyone, this has been really helpful.

Just to let you all know, the University of Leicester are hosting a session aimed at parents and carers focusing on the ins and outs of Results Day, Clearing and Confirmation. Full details are on our Facebook page, I have pinned the post for people to see.