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Louise Fernet -

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Hi, I'm Louise, an international university guidance counsellor. I have 4 (now grown-up) children, and having lived in England, France, Norway and USA, I understand the difficulties that expat families face with their higher education choices. My company, Expat Student, helps families from all over the world with their university applications to UK, Europe and Canada. I am also WIWIKAU's partner for any questions you may have about applications, so throw your questions at me and I'll do my best answer !
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In my latest interview, I talk about the difficulties faced by families living abroad and what to take into consideration when choosing the 'best fit' university for your child. Expat Student Interview on Youtube


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Hi, would we be seen as home students if my daughter were to complete her A levels abroad? We would be travelling between my husbands work place and the UK and would be spending the holidays in our home in the UK

Sarah Heal

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Hi Louise, we are British living in the US. My daughter is in senior year and has four Grade 5 APs to her name already. She is looking to apply to Oxford to study History and Politics but as an AP student (AP European History and AP US History) she has no written work to submit as part of her application. Have you come across this before and if so, do you have any advice on how to handle? thanks! Sarah