Hints and Tips?


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My DD off to Plymouth and we’ve never been!!! Anyone got any specific hints and tips please?


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I’m in the same boat. My son is going to Plymouth to read Architectural Engineering. He is staying in Radnor Halls . Any advice or tips would be so helpful


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My daughter is also starting at Plymouth in September. She will be in Discovery Heights and is studying Psychology.


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My yp is going into Beckley Point for year 2. They're doing the Acting degree. They've enjoyed being at Plymouth and made good friends on their course. They're Autistic and this is the first time they've really found their people!


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My son is starting at Plymouth and is studying geography. We never made it to an open day (gulp) but fingers crossed all will be well. He's had a gap year (travelling) and is a September child so will be 20 2 weeks after starting! He's staying in Robins Halls.


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My son is going to be studying Criminology and staying in Robbins Halls. He is our 3rd and last child off to Uni but we aren’t empty nesters just yet as his older brother and sister are home again!