For info: Heriot-Watt Edinburgh Muriel Spark building (contemporary en-suite in flat)

Elle Ay

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Moved my son into this hall at the weekend. We confirmed type of accomodation and paid deposit a few months ago, but allocations of flats are not given until the week before moving in. Move-in process on the day was well-organised, with student resident team on hand to advise.

There are five rooms in each flat (a,b,c,d and e) and they share a kitchen. Large room with lots of well thought out storage, small double bed (mattress protector provided, also recommend buying a topper) Space for shallow under bed storage, we bought a set of two wheeled boxes from Argos.

En-suite wet room, with a folding panel shower door, towel rail, vanity shelf and mirror behind sink and hook for toiletry bag beside sink. We also brought over the door hooks and suction storage for shower. Worth noting Uni provides toilet cleaning welcome pack (bleach, surface spray and cloths) Also provides a toilet brush. The toilet light goes on and off automatically with sensor, and the fan kicks in after a short time in use. (We spent ages looking for the switch šŸ˜‚)

This block has three main floors, with 2 additional 'penthouse' flats on the fourth floor. Our son requested a quiet flat as he has autism and noise sensitivity, we got lucky and are in one of these penthouses. Quiet corridor as only 2 flats on this floor. There is a lift to 3 floors at each entrance, only the middle entrance lift goes up to the 4th. Accessible rooms and toilets are on the ground floor. The website 'Accessable' has pictures and detailed information about these.

Very warm buildings, recommend a fan as essential. Kitchen is very large, with breakfast bar stools and additional sofa seating. Each student has a lockable high cupboard with 3 shelves and an undercounter cupboard with 2 shelves. No drawer, so bring a utensil caddy. First come first served for choice. The top cupboards either side of the hob get hot, so avoid if you are in early enough! (Advice from our second-year flatmate)

Ceramic hob, (not induction so ok for all pans) oven, separate tall fridge and freezer. Shelf/drawer for each student (first come first served)

One kitchen cleaning welcome pack provided for the flat (surface spray, washing up liquid and cloths). Kettle included, but no microwave or toaster - students often club together to buy these for the flat.

Hoover, brushes and dustpan all provided. The res life team also offer meal kits for new flatmates to cook together during the first week. These are popular and need to be booked quickly.

Bike racks are at the rear of the building, and although Muriel Spark building is on the outskirts of the campus buildings there is a short walk through the beautiful Millennium gardens to the main buildings. It also benefits from field and woodland views at the rear.



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Elle Ay

New member
Recommend taking pictures of any existing wear and tear evidence when you move in, but the rooms were spotless and ready just to unpack into.