Kincaid’s Court Accommodation

Laura E

New member
We’ve just moved our daughter into Kincaid’s Court.
Parking- Parking was limited on site so we were advised to park at the top of the street in metered bays. It’s a right turn out of Kincaids Court and the bays are at the top of the hill.
You can walk down the steps back to the accommodation.
Parking there was pricey- at £6 per hour and we needed a few hours, but it is the closest if carrying lots of things.

Useful bits about the rooms- The accommodation is a bit tired but clean.
In the room my daughter had a hook on the door, a bin and a desk lamp provided.
An extension lead is needed as there is no plug by the mirror for hairdryers etc.
There is plenty of storage under the bed.
The curtains block out a lot of the light when drawn.
There is a pin board for pictures etc.
There is a full length mirror and a smaller mirror.

The shared kitchen for 12- has 3 fridge freezers to share and 2 cookers with 4 ring hob.
There are enough cupboards for 1 top cupboard and 1 bottom cupboard each.

Hope that helps. Xx


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