UoM Student Accommodation


Back when I was first starting at UoM and had to apply for accommodation, I remember not really having any idea where to start. I didn't know much beyond the specifications of the rooms themselves and some bits and bobs on The Student Room. For me, this meant that even though I ended up in my '1st choice' accommodation, I ended up not liking it at all and moving after a few months.
(I started off in Richmond Park, Fallowfield, but ended up moving to Burkhardt House, Victoria Park - this was because I found I was doing really long days in uni because I didn't have time to travel back to my accommodation, and because most of my friends lived in Victoria Park so I found myself spending more time there with them and having to travel back to mine alone very late at night)
As such, I thought it was important to share some info myself and my opinions to helpfully put other people in a more informed position about which accommodation they choose!

The UoM accommodation is split into 3 campuses - Fallowfield, Victoria Park, and City Campus (City campus is split in 2). Each campus has its own reputation and set of benefits and drawbacks, so it really comes down to the atmosphere of each campus and where you think would best suit you.
Fallowfield is renowned for being the 'party' campus; when I lived there, no matter how late I got back there were still people just heading out for the night, even at 3am! It's by far the liveliest accommodation campus, so if you're the kind of person who likes the idea of going out to clubs on a regular basis then this is probably the place for you. This accommodation campus is also the most close together, so whichever building you're in you'll be close to plenty of other people. It's very conveniently situated for the big Sainsbury's in Fallowfield and the local 'spoons (as well as pubs/bars like Friendship, Revolution, 256, The Bar). The onsite bar (Squirrels, in Oak House) is a bit grimy but well loved and a regular venue for music events and quiz nights.
If you live in Fallowfield, you will need a bus pass or a bike (unless you fancy a ~40 minute walk into uni every day). The bus routes between Fallowfield are fab, just be aware that if you have a 9am the bus stop is often pretty packed at that time. The bus pass costs something in the region of ~£250 for the whole year but that can take you to and from uni every day as well as into town, out to Didsbury, and anywhere else you can get on a Stagecoach bus.

ADVANTAGES: very sociable location, lots of people around, convenient location for shopping and socialising, good bus links
DISADVANTAGES: can get a bit noisy, takes a while to get into uni/town, bus pass necessary

Victoria Park
The reputation that Victoria Park has is that it's 'boring' in comparison to Fallowfield, but in reality this just means it's a little quieter. People who live in Victoria Park often still do get involved in the Fallowfield social life, the difference being that the parties aren't taking place on your doorstep. This can be a disadvantage if you're regularly travelling out to Fallowfield, but if you want a bit of a quieter scene then this may well suit you better.
The Victoria Park campus is more spaced out but you're still not too far from other accommodation buildings. This campus is located conveniently for the local parks (Whitworth and Birchfields) and some nice coffee shops (Anchor Cafe, Tim Hortons, Cafe Nero), as well as the local 'spoons. The on-site bar is in Hulme Hall and is (in my opinion) the nicest campus bar. There are also some other onsite facilities which are fab (onsite music practice rooms in Hulme Hall and Dalton Ellis, onsite sports pitches, library, etc.) which mean you don't always need to go into uni to get work done. It's also advantageous in that you probably won't need a bus pass if you live here, as the walk into uni is between ~15-25 mins. It's not great in terms of local food shopping facilities, since only small high-street-style branches are located nearby unless you go out to Fallowfield.

ADVANTAGES: quieter location, close to parks and coffee shops, within walking distance of uni, nice onsite bar and other facilities
DISADVANTAGES: less sociable, friends may be further away, less convenient for food shopping

City (part 1)
As I mentioned, there are 2 different parts of City Campus. The first comprises Whitworth Park and Denmark Road. This campus is popular because of its proximity to uni, with the walk in taking ~5 mins. This is a great place to be if you think you're the kind of person who wants to roll out of bed 10 minutes before you lecture starts and still get there on time!
The perks and disadvantages are much the same as those listed for Victoria Park - the walk between Hulme Hall and Denkark Rd is ~5 mins.
Probably worth being aware that Whitworth Park has a well deserved nickname of 'Shitworth Park'! I believe it's still the cheapest accommodation on campus (along with Oak House) and you get what you pay for... the onsite bar here is also a little grimy but it tends to be a lot quieter than Squirrels which is pretty nice.

ADVANTAGES: close to parks and coffee shops, very short walk to uni, decent onsite bar
DISADVANTAGES: less sociable, friends on other campuses may be quite far away, less convenient for food shopping, Whitworth Park has a bad reputation, on Oxford Rd so can be quite noisy at times

City (part 2)
This is the campus I know least about. The feedback I've heard from people who've lived there is that they may have originally applied to Fallowfield accommodation and got placed here instead but ended up really enjoying it. It's on North Campus, so very convenient if you're a fashion or engineering student with lectures based on that campus, and for those who need to be on Main campus, there's a free bus that runs between North Campus and the MRI so you don't even need a bus pass. It's located very conveniently for town, so if you fancy being within a stones throw of Piccadilly Station, the Arndale Centre and everything else the city has to offer, this is a good place to consider (the bus ride from Fallow to town is ~30 mins). I've heard that even though there may be disadvantages in having to travel to Fallowfield if you're meeting friends for a night out, it's great on the other end of the night when you leave the club and can be back in your room within 5 minutes!
-- This short article was written by a friend of mine a few years ago when she lived on City Campus - in it, she shares her thoughts and experiences --

ADVANTAGES: very close to town and transport links, close to those working on North Campus, free bus to take you into uni, easy to get home after nights out in town
DISADVANTAGES: friends on other campuses are pretty far away, the accommodation is in the opposite direction to everyone else's


Following on from a couple of requests, here are some more details on the specific halls on each campus.


En-suite & self catered halls

  • Unsworth Park - this hall is brand new this year and I have heard fantastic things - it's modern and the rooms are really nice apparently, so that has come highly recommended, although I have no personal experience as it opened after I graduated.
  • Richmond Park - this hall used to be one of the most highly sought after in Fallowfield until Unsworth Park opened up - it's a nice place with 8 rooms per flat and a big kitchen in each flat. If you look at the 'Fallowfield Self-Catered Accommodation' thread, you can see some of my photos from when I lived there in 1st year.
  • Sheavyn House - this hall is a lot like Richmond Park - the rooms are almost identical, but I believe the kitchens are slightly smaller. Sheavyn House also benefits from large, shared common areas intended for studying, which Richmond Park does not have.
  • (having looked online, it appears there is also a new one coming up called Uttley House, but I didn't even know it existed before looking just now so I can't really comment!)

Shared bathroom & catered*
  • Oak House (*self catered)- I believe this hall is still one of the cheapest places to live on campus. This is probably also one of the most sociable halls on campus, owing especially to the fact that Fallowfield's on-campus bar, Squirrels, is part of this hall. The rooms are a little small and are split into flats of 8 which share bathrooms and kitchen facilities. People seem to like living here, definitely a good place to be if you want to keep your costs low and want to socialise a lot in your accommodation. You can find some photos of Oak House on this forum under 'Accommodation' -> 'Fallowfield self-catered accommodation'.
  • Owens Park - Owens Park is a lot like Oak House except catered, which is why the price is higher. It's a very sociable and lively halls which always seems to be buzzing with activity! It's right in the centre of the Fallowfield accommodation and next door to Oak House so there's a lot of socialising to be had!
  • Ashburne Hall - I don't really know that much about Ashburne Hall, as I didn't have any friends who lived there. It's a more old-fashioned building and the rooms are apparently bigger than in some other halls which is a definite positive if you want more space. Ashburne also have some on-site facilities like computer clusters and common rooms, which can help facilitate working from the halls rather than in uni.
  • Woolton Hall - Woolton is another halls with bigger rooms so definitely worth looking at if you're keen to have a little extra space. This is also an older building but perfectly nice. It is split into different houses, with 15 rooms per floor (if I remember rightly), with a small kitchen and bathroom facilities on each floor. The hall also has its own facilities including a library and a licensed bar.

Victoria Park

En-suite & self catered halls

  • Burkhardt House - if you like the idea of living on Victoria Park campus, then Burkhardt House is brilliant. The number of rooms per flat varies depending on which part of the building you are in, but the maximum is 10, and each flat has a large kitchen. As it is part of Hulme Hall, residents at Burkhardt House are entitled to many of the same facilities as those who live in Hulme Hall, such as the on-site library, music practice rooms, and sports areas. While Burkhardt House is self-catered, you can also choose to pay extra to receive catering from Hulme Hall, although I don't know how this works. Being on the edge of the Victoria Park campus, it benefits from being very close to the local shops, pubs, and bus routes, as well as being a little closer to uni than some of the other halls. If you look at the 'Victoria Park Self Catered Accommodation' thread, you can see some photos from when I lived there.
  • Canterbury Court - similar to Burkhardt House, Canterbury Court is the self-catered annex to St Anselm Hall. It is very similar to Burkhardt in the number of rooms per flat and kitchen facilities, and since it is based near to Upper Brook St, the hall is close to some different bus routes and another walking route into uni, and is closer to a different set of local shops.
  • Brook Hall - this is a really lovely hall. It is a Liberty Living building that is owned by the university and is very modern with fantastic facilities. It's further from the main bus routes on Oxford Road, but is a nice place to live if you don't mind that. In a lot of ways, it is the same as Denmark Rd (which I will talk about below) but for less money.
Shared bathroom & catered halls
  • Hulme Hall - I really like Hulme Hall, although I am biased! It shares all the same facilities as I listed for Burkhardt Hall above (as Hulme Hall owns these) and is situated in a lovely place. The Houldsworth building is the oldest part of the halls, but has been recently renovated inside to make the facilities really lovely. All the other buildings that make up Hulme Hall are still fairly modern, with good-sized rooms and bigger kitchens than you tend to find in other catered halls. (I also think that Hulme Hall bar is the nicest student bar on campus!)
  • St Anselm - St Anselm is a little controversial in that people seem to either love it or hate it there. This is owing to its very particular customs being quite old-fashioned, such as wearing formal robes to dinner and having an on-site chapel. It only opened up to female students a few years ago, having been all-boys for a number of years, and is still somewhat set in its customs. I think that people who embrace the lifestyle get on well with it but others find it to be not what they want uni to be. St Anselms also has what is renowned as the cheapest student bar on campus so it's a great place to start a night!
  • Dalton Ellis - Dalton Ellis hall is a nice place to live, situated just off Upper Brook Street and alongside some of the useful bus routes. The halls themselves are quite nice, although apparently room sizes can vary a lot. This is another halls with great on-site facilities, such as a library, a music room, and tennis courts. I'm not sure about the situation with en-suites as some rooms do and some rooms don't have these apparently.

City Campus

En-suite & self catered halls

  • Denmark Road - this hall, much like Brook Hall, is owned by the university but built by Sanctuary Students, so all the facilities are very modern and the hall is well equipped. Based just 5 minutes walk from the university campus, this is a great place to be if you want to be close to the uni facilities and be able to get to your lectures 10 minutes after getting out of bed! The flats each have about 6 rooms and a lovely kitchen with a TV and sofas in. It is also right over the road from Whitworth Park, the Whitworth Art Gallery, and only a few minutes from the local shops and local pubs. I believe it is still the most expensive of the ensuite halls on offer.
  • Weston Hall - this hall is based right by the city centre, within walking distance of Piccadilly station and the Northern Quarter and the rest of the city centre. The hall is nice, and I am reliably informed that the socials put on by the RA are often fairly quiet due to the fact this hall is quite far away from most other UoM halls, which at least means you can get more of the free pizza and drinks to yourself! The main thing here is to consider whether you like the idea of living on city campus - this part of the campus is based in the opposite direction to most UoM halls and is probably a 30 minute bus ride from Fallowfield, where most of the social action happens. The hall itself is a nice place though, with lovely facilities.

Shared bathroom & self-catered
  • Whitworth Park - Whitworth Park hall is right next-door to Denmark Road so shares the same location benefits. Paired with Oak House, this is the cheapest place to live on campus. Accommodation is arranged in flats of about 8 students each, with each flat having shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Not a great place if you're tall, as the ceilings in each room are sloping so you could easily hit your head. The rooms also don't seem to catch the light very well so can be quite dark. It is probably worth me saying that this hall has the well-deserved nickname of "Shitworth Park"...
  • Wright Robinson - Wright Robinson is set in the same location as Weston hall so again shares the same location benefits. I really don't know much about Wright Robinson but the rooms and facilities seem to be pretty average - deciding to live here comes down more to which accommodation campus you want to live on.


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Thanks Eleanor for taking the time to provide such detailed and balanced reviews! As a parent of a 2022 entry prospective fresher, I seem to be reading only horror stories about Uom halls. (and as a 1992 resident of Shitworth Park myself, I have enough horror stories of my own 😂)